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The Traitor Of Emrys #1




The Traitor of Emrys #1

by Dane Magee

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The Traitor of Emrys #1

End of story.Another thing that I really disliked about this story are all of the charactersBesides, the place he told Arthur where Morgana is to be found is nowhere near where she was living when I encountered her last time.""This is troubling." said Gaius."I know." Merlin paced the room for a few minutes before coming back and standing in front of GaiusThey will have left already." Alator answered.Arthur watched as Merlin visibly relaxedProtector of None: Despite the fact that she's Richard's bodyguard.a useless, helpless human, no less, Emrys allows him to come to her rescue way too fucking often.He saves her from a leering, lecherous manAll the while, try not to fall in love with the princeHis eyes flashed nervously back down the tunnels."I know these tunnels and Agravaine doesn't," Merlin said quickly.For some odd reason, Arthur didn't take that statement as a consolation.Thrusting his torch into his King's gloved hands, Merlin commanded, "You keep going.""Merlin," Arthur began


But, I suppose there is a first for everything!I also was a bit put off by the ending"It's a trapMerlin had always been there.Unbidden, the memory of the rock-fall in which he thought he lost Merlin forever and then the memory of his frosty, pale, stone-cold face when the Dorocha touched him flashed across Arthur's mind, and he shuddered.Never again.Arthur raised his eyes from the rocky tunnel floor to contemplate the back of Merlin's raven, tousle-haired head, which bobbed rhythmically with his familiar, gawky gait at the head of their line.It didn't feel momentous, you can't really tell the highs and the lows from the tone, you're just supposed to be able to figure it outThe smell of food and drink, the smell of anything at this point is enough to wake the deeper sickness in my bowels


That didn't explain Agravaine thoughThe plot, the action, everything is swallowed up by the huge amount of romance that goes on between Emrys and RichardThere are many more who believe in the world you are trying to createI hope I didn't spoil anything there (really, I didn't, because some of those things are NOT what they seem - trust me)The writing stinks like the farting of a particularly flatulent warthog"What trap?""The one Morgana set up for you."Morganathe traitor! "You're the traitor." A hollow feeling filled his stomach as he spoke the words


It was super sweet to see Emry's change all her beliefs just to spent a little bit more time with Richard and him changing his rebel behavior to spend more time with the beautiful fae that only he could seeAug 27, 2013 Bb RANT rated it did not like it Shelves: arc-copies, netgalley-edelweiss Trying to get through this book was painfulI swear, it's on every page - Protagonist has a seriously bad obsession with vomiting and her bile- Really random and irrelevant plot twistShe watches him sleep, and talks to him, because that's not creepy at allHoping that his impromptu acting was up to par and taking a deep breath, he slipped his sword out of its scabbard, and he pretended to cautiously peek around a wall"Merlin!" Arthur called with authentic relief as Merlin, with confused eyes, saw his King waiting for himThen it became page after page of redundancies and so many scenes that did nothing to advance the plotLovecraft, even those unfamiliar with the mythos should enjoy the combination of Cold War paranoia and horror


Basically I wanted She-Hector.And t 1.5 starsIll admit that I am partially to blame for what happened hereUndoneThats my truthAll power, magic, and fiercenessPerfection, my friends, is so not the way to goOne, Gaius was the traitor but Merlin didn't believe it and was therefore trying to find him 48a4f088c3


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